Our firm

Thebe Investment Management is a leading African investment firm.
We are real estate and venture investors building Africa’s urban future.

Our Values


Our values are the foundation  of our meritocratic culture and characterise our approach to investments and business practices. We are believers in Africa’s potential and promise. As Africans we draw inspiration from our diverse cultures, our intertwined histories, and our common heritage. Our continent is ancient yet young, steeped in long held and unchanging traditions yet dynamic and adaptive. Whilst we see Africa’s potential, we also acknowledge the fact that our civilization is in need of extensive development. Africa’s potential is in its people. Consequently our investments primarily focus on areas where economic returns and potential for human empowerment are highest.


Our vision is to advance African civilization. We intend to do so by allocating capital to African real estate, and venture investments. In doing so we intend to create sustainable and beautiful spaces where people can live, learn, work and play. Our venture investment operations are focused on enabling just that, advancing Africa by investing in business areas that have the greatest societal impact, scalability and investment return. Seeing Africa move forward and build an advanced civilization is for us at the core of our purpose.