Investing in Africa’s Urban Future

We have in excess of US$1.5 billion of project pipeline in development.
We are Sub-Saharan real estate and venture investors.


We build Cities

We don’t simply invest in African real estate, we build cities, we build sustainable communities. We seek out and invest in real estate developments with substantial impact to African societies. We do so with the goal to advance African civilisation by creating beautiful and sustainable spaces where people can live, learn, work and play. By 2050 more than 25% of the world’s population will live in Africa, and over 50% of this population (12.5% of the global population) will live, work, learn and play in African cities. We intend to lead the development of these cities.

Living, Learning, Greatness

We’re deeply committed to investing in Africa’s urban future, this for us means making meaningful and direct impact in investing in the education of Africa’s young people. We do so with the philosophy that the institutions we build will direct their students towards journeys of lifelong discovery. Helping them be productive and successful citizens of Africa’s urban future.

Advancing Africa

We are deeply committed to the advancement of African civilisation. Our private equity practice is focused on furthering Africa’s progress and enabling its people to attain their full promise and potential. As African ourselves we do not see this simply as a nice philosophical idea to muse about, rather we believe it to be a fundamental duty and responsibility of ours. It is the very foundation of the world view that colours all of our investment decisions; driving us to seek opportunities with maximum positive impact to our society, highly scalable growth potential and healthy return potential.